SharePoint Online News template - Use at different communication sites



First of all I love the new SharePoint News function with the use of a template. 

But I was wondering how to deal with multiple news sites and template. 


My structure: 


  • Hubsite / communication site (organisation news)
    • Communication site A (department news)
    • Communication site B (department news)
    • And lots of other comm sites with there own news

Is their a option to share the news template from Comm site A for example to Comm site B? So basically I want to manage the news template (or page template) from one location. 

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Unfortunately there is not a mechanism provided by Microsoft to share templates between sites...I tried the following, but It didn't work
(1) Create a page template in a site
(2) Be sure you also have templates on other site where you want to re-use the templates
(3) Try to use the Copy action in the Site Pages library in the first site to copy the template to the Site Pages library in the second library...but unfortunately, it seems is not possible to make that Copy to another site, you can only copy page templates in the curren templates folder
I found Flow can copy the template page between sites but you need to first create a template in the destination so the Templates folder is created, if you create a Templates folder manually in the destination it doesn't work. I haven't figured out what else happens when Templates folder is created on first page template save to automate this better.

@Alan Marshall You're right about the creating the folder first. I don't think that is a problem cause this is a one time job. What trigger do you use to copy the template to other sites?