SharePoint Migration Tool error bij larger files, what is the max limit per migration?


Hi there,


As more of you i was very exicted when i saw the SharePoint Migration Tool.

I hopped right in and started testing the v.02.60.0 version.


I noticed when i migrated a couple of files worth a couple of MB it runs smoothly and very fast. When i put the tool to the test and try to migrate more like 10GB (Or even more like 40GB) the tool runs for 20/30 minutes and than gives an error that doesnt explain much and the migration stops. Also in the reports i cant find any details.


Anyone encountered this and found a solution? or someone found out what the max nummer of GB per migration is?

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Well, remember the tool is still in preview so some adjustments might be required to be done by the could help if you share here the logs generated by the tool when the migration crashes

Hi, Can you share a bit more about the error message.


Also look in the log under this folder and let me know if you find anything usefull as to why it didnt work.

C:\Users\%user name%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MigrationTool\XXXX\WF_XXXXX folder   

This was the message i recieved onscreen:


Also the log is included in this post.

Thank you , we will look at it a bit more but from a first glace it seems like the tool was having a hard time uploading your files to Azure. 


What was the sample: a few very large files or a lot of small files?




Hi Simon,


It was 37,1GB and 446 files and 54 folders, i also tried it with half of that number and i got the same result.



I believe one of the publically available Microsoft APIs only supports uploads up to 2 GB per file in order to boost performance.  If they are using that API, that may be contributing to your issue.

the Sharepoint Migration tool support up to 15GB files starting in version 2.65.0  if you have an issue with it please let me know.

Hello , constantly the tool generates the error message of the image, as a solution in opportunities with wait approximately 3 hours it works, it is normal or what is the cause of the error

Well, just remember that the Migration Tool is still under preview...could it be possible you share here the logs you are getting when those errors arise? These logs can be helpful to understand what it's happening...any specific setup you have in your SP Environment that could be the cause of the tool failing?
Greetings first thanks for the response, the records show me nothing and I do not have, 
because the tool generates the error message and the only alternative is to close it, I currently work with two versions 0.2.65 and with any of the two versions generate the same error
message, additional I tell you that with this I have migrated approximately 3 TB of information,
last night can finally execute the process after 10:00 pm from Colombia,
regarding the issue of the restrictions at SP level You could be more specific.

for your crash, would it be possible to provide the following for us to investigate

  • Log files (All stuff Under C:\Users\%user name%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MigrationTool\XXXX\WF_XXXXX folder )



Greetings, I attach the log that in my opinion corresponds to the time that the error was presented with the tool



on first glance at the logs, I see this error prominent within the first few rows:

Microsoft.SharePoint.MigrationTool.MigrationLib.Package.Exceptions.DiskSpaceNotEnoughException ---> System.IO.IOException: There is not enough space on the disk.


So maybe you don't have sufficient disk space to package the files to be uploaded to the target ??

Please check if you have at minimum 150GB free disk space to perform the migration and retry,


Greetings, thanks for the response, today I will execute another migration and validate the recommendation made.

Still it is under preview?

Means we cannot do large migrations now?

I want to migrate data from SP2007 on-prem to online or any limitations? Does this tool supports?

And is it completely a free edition to migrate data?

@Mihir Yelamanchili wrote:

Still it is under preview?


Yes it is.


Means we cannot do large migrations now?


Not necessarily, it's just while the tool is still in preview bugs are being ironed out and features are rounded out also, based on customer feedback received.


I want to migrate data from SP2007 on-prem to online or any limitations? Does this tool

Not supported currently, only from SharePoint Server 2013 as a source or a local file share:


The SharePoint Migration Tool lets you select from two sources from which to migrate your data: from an on-premises SharePoint Server 2013 site or from a local file share or network path.


And is it completely a free edition to migrate data?

The tool is entirely free to use and for migrating data.

Yes the tool is still under preview.

the tool can scale to large migration even with its current preview status.

unfortunately 2007 is not supported by the tool.

and yes its completely free to use ( but requires a o365 license )

Greetings,I have the same error message, I use version 0.2.65,run the update to version and I present the same error message, there are 1820 files 3.61 Gb

Greetings, since about two days ago, I am presenting errors with the tool, I am constantly generating the message of: "several packages" with any process of a few or many files, the disk space has been cleaned, this error is generated with any of the versions of the application