SharePoint 2016 Onpremise and MS TEAMS

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We have setup a hybride farm. (SharePoint 2016 Onpremise and Office365)  Can anyone tell me how to move or copy files from a MS TEAM into a SharePoint 2016 library. 


please do not suggest to download and upload it into the Onpremise , that will not help any user. 

Would be nice I we could connect to a SP library 

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You cannot connect to an on-prem library, unfortunately -- only iframe it in a webpage. From an end user perspective, you're going to get the answer you don't want ;)

Yeah , that a real bummer. thnks I was hoping that I maybe missed some configuration.  I will take some consideration about.

I will look into the next scenario.

1. creating a custom solution

2. Use a full Office365 solution and setup the security



i'm curious, what is driving the requirement for the file to be on-prem?


You could create a Flow to send the file from SPO to 2016

The OnPremise is "more secure" and has backup options. as an educational organisation our student are also using the same tenant. can flow do that? I will take a look at that , I could not find it.  

yes but you will need to install an on-premises data gateway.

You can get 3rd party backup tools that work for O365 content. The MS Security Team has some of the best people in the world and they have very advanced tools to detect and block attacks. None of my customers have anything close to skill levels as the MS teams that protect O365.
The primary driver I see is if you have a highly organized set of libraries with Metadata. The Teams model more or less fits the file server dumping ground.
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Of course you can have alternatives to move the files stored in Teams to your OnPrem Farm:
(1) A Flow
(2) An Azure Function that makes de Job.
(3) A Logic App
You beat me to the Flow idea :P.