retention policy and storage in SharePoint Online


Our production tenant has a retention policy to keep all files for 10 years. It adds a lot to our storage requirements. We need to have an application to periodically move files from one library to another in the same site collection (team site) this will happen on many sites.


So, the question is: will the storage have the moved files twice? does it work like a file system, or a copy then delete?


Thank you

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Well, if the files are being moved and not copied then:
- In the source Site Collections in the Retention Document Library you will have copies of your files since the retention policiy is doing its job.
- In the destination site you will have the files you are moving.
So in summary, it's not a copy then delete thing because the retention policies
In the question I stated "move files from one library to another in the same site collection" so your answer is not to this question.
Will this move cost double the storage or not?
I tested a move with the SharePoint UI and did not see any file added to the retention library.
So, I assume I will be able to do it programmatically.
Thank you