News Web Part and Public/Private Teams

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If I have a news web part pulling news stories from multiple sharepoint sites/teams, will all users see the news stories regardless of whether they have membership in those particular sharepoint sites/teams or not? Does the private/public team setting impact the display of these stories? 

For instance I want ABC Team's news feed to also pull from DEF, GHI, and JKL's Team's news feeds. If GHI is a private team that I have membership in and I select that site's news posts to display, will non-members of that team also see their news posts? 

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News is a page in SharePoint, the news webpart will only show news if the user has permissions to that page.


As a member of a Team permissions are automatically granted on the underlying SharePoint site. 


If a News article is created in a SharePoint site underneath a private channel then only the members/owners of that private channel will see the news.


Summary is that all news is security trimmed to the user viewing the news.

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News obeys permissions first. That determines WHAT you can see.
You can see news posted on sites where you are a member
You cannot see news posted on sites where you are not a member.

If you pull from 5 different sites, and not all of your members are members of those sites.,they will only see news where they have permissions.