New Sharepoint Library Symbol


We have noticed some new symbols appear within out Document Library. Has anybody else seen these as, I can't find any documentation on them.



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They come with new documents and folders. It is just to mark them as new.
Thanks for pointing this out! The 'eyelashes' have just turned up in my tenant too.
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Thank you for the reply. I can now pass that on to my Users.

The next issue I have is that new Files are not showing up in OneDrive once the library is synced.

Yep, seeing this new thing too :)
I believe @Stephen Rose announced this update a little while back around One Drive files so we should see this new glyph over there too!

Are we sure it is "new" and not "recently modified" ?
There is another new icon I the site pages library, probably referring to trending pages?

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 21.00.47.png

I am not 100% sure. I thought it looked like a bright new/sun like symbol. I only had new documents.

Yes we have it too. It's the 'new document' indicator.


have seen the new Icons at Ignite :)

I just checked this and it is definitely only for new documents.

There are different colours for this icon; blue and pink. Anyone know what this means? Also I've not seen these changes on the roadmap.

They are all the same ;)


The colour is the colour of the site, so it matches the site icon colour.

How long does the "Eye Lashes" stay on the file/sub-folder? 

In the on-premises versions of SharePoint this used to be 2 days. So I would expect that the default setting has been kept. Also note that this isn't really anything new. It is just new in the modern look library views.

Thanks Pieter. I am new to SP Online and learning rapidly...


also after the "eyelashes" you'll see, maybe only due to a workflow or flow a squiggle arrow to the right - would love to find a page to tell me for sure :p

also seeing in Modified column, after a workflow runs, the document now shows modified by SharePoint App. Now this workflow has an App Step to move to a folder, so I'm wondering if this is why it is happening. Didn't happen a few days ago

@Shaun Smith From my understanding, the new document symbols or "eyelashes" will appear for 3 days in SharePoint Online.