Modify SharePoint app: from App-catalog to AppSource

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Our app developers have created a beautiful app for SharePoint, which can be deployed into a SharePoint App-catalog (with a .sppkg file). Though, we want to submit the app into the AppSource store where another format (package) is needed. 

Does someone have the experience in what steps can be followed to make sure the structure of this app is modified correctly, so it can be submitted into the AppSource store?

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@mterra This is not something that is available now. The .sppkg is for SharePoint Framework solutions, which are not supported in the Microsoft store currently. Only SharePoint Add-ins are available to be put in the store at this time.

@Beau Cameron Thank you for your answer ;) I understand that they're different, but do you know if it is possible to modify the structure of this app to make it available to AppSource (as Add-in)? Or do we have to start from scratch?

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@mterra It is not possible and I probably wouldn't start from scratch. Add-Ins aren't super popular and are quickly being replaced by SPFx solutions.