Modern view for task lists and calendars?

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Does anyone know if a timeline for when modern view will be avilable for Task Lists and Calendars?  

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Problem is that if you do this on a task list, then you cannot open the item. Instead of opening the item in view or edit mode, it downloads a file. And it is useless, if you can't update your tasks. 

Hmm, that is not what happens for me. I am able to view or edit items without any issue after switching the list to the new experience.

Yes, it is perfectly simple to set it to the new look, but when you do there are things that just don't work. Like for instance if you add a column to a task list to keep track of something like say "stakeholder" it stops working in the new versions, but it is fine in the old. We have some lists made that way in the old that does not work any more.

Are you able to show the timeline when the list is set to "New experience" under Advanced Settings and you're not in the quick edit mode?


It is showing for me in quick edit and under Style for the regular view, "Show timeline above the view" is checked, but the timeline isn't displayed.


I can switch to Gantt Chart and the timeline is displayed, but (of course) that's not what my customer prefers and I want the Modern experience if possible.

@Kristine Bjørkman @Marcus Anthony 


My experience after setting Events list to modern: Double click on item downloads the item, right click to Open or Edit will display correctly. 


Not that this makes it any better, but at least we can use Json column formatting on Events list now w/out having to create custom list and mimic Events columns...not to mention calendar overlay and other calendar uses.

Any updates ? Thread seems to have run out. Or have things just moved ?

@ASHAWTHING, they want people to use new Microsoft 365 functionality, they're not replacing all the SharePoint functionality we used to have.

@lindabusdiecker  We are already using Sharepoint Online, but don't seem to be able to access the "Modern Experience". Is that what you mean by Microsoft 365 functionality ? Or have they already rolled out the modern experience for Task lists on share point online and I have just been asleep (I do a variety of different roles) ?

@ASHAWTHING ... if you've got SharePoint Online, then unless your farm administrators have done some configuration I would recommend against ... you should be able to use Modern where there are modern parts. So as you configure libraries, and custom lists, where you have site owner rights, you can go to the Setting, then to Advanced Settings, and specify the List experience, the choices being (and I've attached a snapshot of what it looks like)

  • Default experience for the site
  • New experience
  • Classic experience.

New is equivalent to Modern.

The task list inherently though is Classic. Microsoft is wanting people to use some of the other Microsoft 365 tools like Planner and Teams in place of those older tools.

Does that help?

@lindabusdiecker I have looked at the new tools and they just don't have the depth of functionality that we require. The current task list does. Anyone heard anything further ?

@ASHAWTHING You are joining in with others who are frustrated about the Modern experience not giving the functionality we've had in SharePoint 2016 and earlier.  

@Waldek Mastykarz  (, Rencore) said in a recent version of SharePoint Dev Weekly where he and Vesa Juvonen (, Principle Program Manager at Microsoft) that we should not be looking at how to implement what we had previously, but instead determine how Modern can help us do business better.

I've got philosophical issues with that, but looking from a realistic point of view, if we're sticking with Microsoft, we should be moving with them toward the future.

I do recommend visiting the SharePoint UserVoice and seeing how you can influence that future - either by voting up other people's ideas or adding new ones to try to get new features or modify existing implementations.

@Stephen Roos 


2020 and this is still not available... :unamused:


SharePoint... a love x hate relationship...

@Marcus Anthony that doesn't solve the problem, as SharePoint is not able to render a Gantt Chart in the modern UI and the task list doesn't show subtasks. Both things why this thread was opened in the first place.

@lindabusdiecker  meanwhile Microsoft's vision (which we have to adhere to) is much clearer. Small Business users should use Planner and ToDo to manage their Tasks. Obviously Microsoft thinks that for Small Businesses there is no need for managing Subtasks and maintaining a simple Project overview and Timeline. I guess MS speculated that they might be willing to pay for a Project-Server subscription if they needed those features very desperately. 

M365 is a great platform, but sometimes Microsoft's marketing tactics are unreasonable.