M365 Group deleted and Modern site is broken

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So here's my dilemma. I have a Modern SharePoint Site that used to be connected to an M365 Group. Some way or another, the M365 Group associated to that site either expired/got deleted and we are outside the 30 day window to restore it. So it disappears, unable to be restored. Now the SharePoint site is left without that Group. That Group provided the Owners SCA Access and the Members Edit access to the site. 


On top of this, the Site Information is messed up as that used to be pulling from the M365 Group, which no longer exists. The circle will spin forever (as seen below).



I'm sure other's have run into this issue. What is your solution or workaround? How can I fix the site? Can I create a new Group and re-associate? I'm comfortable with powershell and other admin tools, I just need a nudge in the right direction.


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AFAIK there is not a possible workaround to fix an orphan site that was formerly connected to a M465 Group...Have you actually tried to add a Group to the site through PowerShell?