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We are in process of migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016. In our environment we have a lot of InfoPath forms. I know we can migrate the InfoPath forms from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 and then to 2016. Given that InfoPath will be deprecated, we don't want users to create more InfoPath forms as this will be difficult for any future migrations. Are there any alternative in SharePoint 2016 from Microsoft for InfoPath forms? We would avoid using third party tools. 


Thanks in advance for your help!

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No replacement provided by Microsoft so your chances here are:
(1) Custom Development if this is something feasible for your company.
(2) Third party tool that you mention you want to avoid
Don’t forget there is a cloud based replacement for InfoPath using Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. This may not be suitable for your organisation, unless you consider hybrid, but for other Community users this is definitely the route if heading to the cloud...Good luck and watch out for SharePoint Server 2019 (now in preview)

Rishi...something to consider is SharePoint 2019 will support PowerApps and Flow (InfoPath as well).  This would be a great replacement for the InfoPath forms you have developed so far and a good going forward strategy.



Well, I woul say that you can use PowerApps with SP 2019 in the same way you can do with SP 2016 Today....PowerApps is still a cloud service so what you can just do is consume SP OnPrem from your PowerApp and you could have SP 2016 or SP 2019 behind the gateway
Looks like Custom development is the only option. :)
Thanks for your response
Thanks for your response. I know that PowerApps and Flow are replacing the Infopath and SharePoint designer. We are in process of adopting SP 2016. I know SP2019 is still in Preview and it might take sometime to get it stable. SP2019 is out of question as of now. Does SP 2019 supports InfoPath?
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Correct, InfoPath 2019 still supports 2019 as part of the Microsoft's commitment to support that technology until 2026

@Rishi Gupta 


I know you mentioned no third party tools. But I'd recommend taking a look at ClaySys AppForms. As you said, it's better to move away from Infopath even though Microsoft will continue supporting it for a few more years.




Microsoft has presented PowerApps as a replacement for InfoPath, but we know that it's not an advanced solution.


PS: AppForms supports SP 2016, 2019 & Office 365


Check this out if you are interested:

@Rishi Gupta It seems that Microsoft will continue to support InfoPath Forms Services in Sharepoint Server 2016 (as well as Sharepoint 365)

@Rishi Guptaback in the time when this question was asked, there were no options, but now we have Microsoft Forms which will come in handy, but if you have some custom rules in Infopath form, then you'll only be able to replace it with third party apps like Nintex Forms (try the new responsive designer, its amazing) or another less expensive solution would be Infowise Forms. Thanks

@SaurabhDhall WorkMap is another option you might want to consider. Not as deep as PowerApps, but lighter and friendlier.