Inconsisten Group Membership

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Using a group enabled team site, 30 minutes ago I added over 170 accounts to an Office Group. When I look at the home page of the SharePoint site it shows 25 Members, clicking the link shows that number of people, but when I look in O365 Groups, it shows the correct number, and when I click Conversations to go to Outlook Web App, the correct number of members is shown. 


I'm assuming that there are some timer jobs running but I did not expect it to take very long for consistency. Has anyone else noticed the poor performance/behavior?

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Follow up info, after approximately 1 hour, the SharePoint site members widget shows the correct number of people

I believe that's pretty much the expected behavior, the "signals" that are supposed to be sent upon changing a group are definitely not instantaneous. Add to it the caching of group membership done by the backend, and it can easily go up to numerous hours...