How to manager master data in sharepoint

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Hello Sp experts,

I have a requirement. To capture the details in list but list has some master data and I am looking for , what is the better way to keep master data in list and then bind with transactional list .

I was looking for info path form template approach . Is that approach correct or this is deprecated now ? Please share you thoughts.
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Have a 2nd list, and use the "Lookup" column type from the other list?
Thanks Chris . I have used the same approach but I am looking for the best approach .

Do you think Using info path form template is a good approach ? Does this support in latest version on sharepoint .
No, Infopath support will go away in the future, you should learn to handle this via PowerApps, which can do most anything you need, there is just a learning curve to it. Search for Shane Young on youtube he has a magnitude of good video's about using it. Even SharePoint integration and moving from infopath.
You can use infopath template approach. Infopath forms services is supported in SP 2016 but depricated in SP 2019 , but the 2013 Infopath client is supported though.
Is this available in sharepoint online ?
Yes, but support will end July 14, 2026, if it's a short term solution will probably be fine if you think you know infopath already then go that route. Otherwise go PowerApps.
Come on! you have 26 year ... haha :)
You time traveling or something? LOL.... it's 7.5 years, but yeah long time :).
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