Formatting of MS Forms data in SharePoint list

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I have a Forms, SP List and Flow all set up & working correctly to pull Forms responses into a list and then dashboard via Power BI.




The Forms data from radio/selection options is appearing as per below, which looks bad in SP and even worse in PowerBI!  Is there any way to amend this, so that the [" "] is removed and text can be displayed better?


Screenshot 2021-01-14 235709.png


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You need to manage this within Power automate flow only. You can extract the actual value from radio options in flow and save it in SharePoint list.


You may need more efforts if you have multiple selection type questions in Microsoft forms.


Check below links for more information:

  1. Power Automate: Save multi-choice Microsoft Forms 
  2. Record Microsoft Form choice response to the SharePoint list 

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