Embedded SharePoint Videos do not have chapters

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A few weeks ago I saw that uploaded .mp4 video files embedded into SharePoint pages could have chapter markers. Then that suddenly disappeared, and the feature is only available if I play the video then click the Open In Browser button, which expands the video to fit in my browser. Is this going to be the only way to view chapters going forward, or will you be bringing back the feature to view chapters in embedded videos?

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@Mike_Kelly it's much better to upload your videos to Stream and add your chapters there. Then add the videos to a SharePoint page with the Stream web part.


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@RobElliott thanks for your reply. The only Stream web part available to me is Stream Classic, which we do not have. My understanding is that all .mp4 files uploaded to a SharePoint library will be treated as Stream on SharePoint videos. That certainly seems to be the case as my videos are inheriting the majority of the Stream features such as variable bitrate playback, etc. My issue is that chapters are not visible when the video is embedded in a SharePoint page. They are clearly defined as I see them on my Stream home page and when I open the video in browser mode. They were working before, but not now. I can see why you may not want the chapters navigator on an embedded video as it takes up a lot of space, but it would be nice to still have the dividers showing on the video scrubbing bar and see the chapter titles when you hover over the dividers.


Yes, it is possible to add chapters to videos uploaded to Stream (on SharePoint)


Backend for Stream service is getting transitioned to SharePoint/OneDrive. Most of the Stream video features are available with Stream on SharePoint. 


Check this out:

@Bharath Arja thanks for confirming. I don't have any problem creating chapters, the issue is seeing them when the video is embedded on a SharePoint page. I see them fine when they are in the full-browser player, but our videos are embedded so that we can put additional content on the page along with the video. I could have the full-browser open from the page, but the experience is a bit cluncky. For example, when you close the player, it returns you to the file directory where the video file resides instead of the page that launched the player. Given that they kept the transcript functionality on an embedded video, I don't see why they removed the chapters.

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The latest SharePoint update on 7/25/2022 reenabled the feature in embedded videos.