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Hello Guys, 


I'm building an intranet for one of my customers and created a Hub with some communication sites and modern team sites. However, one of the key requirement is to have a place on one of the team site for open discussions whereby anyone belonging to the team can go post announcements, images, comics, tips for other members of the team to react, response, reply etc. This should be done directly on the team site itself and not on teams itself. I understand I can create the app discussion board on the modern team site but there is no way to insert it into the page or use it same goes for the announcement web part. The company will like all members see everything in one place rather than jumping off the site to another window in Microsoft teams to have a conversation. 


Please let me know if there is any-way we could allow the members of the team to view everything under the SharePoint Team Site instead of jumping onto Teams to view conversations. 


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Why wouldn't you utilize a Team for this? News articles have a comment section, but notifications etc. for them aren't very good. Teams is your best bet here, if it's a larger org you could use Yammer. There is also Yammer webpart where you could put yammer right into a SharePoint page for conversations, so you may end up looking at that Route if it has to be in SharePoint.

There were rumors of having Team channel webpart for Teams, but haven't seen or heard of that in awhile.

Thank you for replying. 


I am all for the Teams but it's essentially a fun forum where they can all see and view everything in one place in the hub rather than going into different applications. Certainly, the Channel WebPart for Team within the Team Space/Site would be an excellent fit. 


The organization has a lot of mix licenses, therefore, I have determine if yammer would be the best option. 





How about Yammer .. if everything internal to your organization
If you guys use Teams already for chat etc. then having a Team there for this purpose wouldn't really be taking them into different applications. Have you checked into Org-Wide Teams? Not sure how large your organization is.

They haven't started using Teams but it might be an option for now and the organization is roughly 1000 users but with different licenses for the different levels of users. 

Teams comes with most license sku's. Yammer does too I think, if your expecting 1000 users then org-wide Teams won't work they are limited to 1000. You can have up to 2500 in a Team but it would be a manual process of adding new users etc. So not ideal. You could make a public Team, and people can join / leave it as they see fit that might be an option there.

As stated, I don't like introducing yammer as I prefer just to keep things in Teams, but my orgs are smaller sub 500. You're kind of riding that threshold where Yammer makes sense.
Bearing in mind there is not a "Builtin" Teams WebPart (not checked if there is a community sample for this) I would go for Yammer to solver the requirement you have here...you have a Yammer WebPart that is really nice and meet what you need. The other thing you can do is to check if there is a Forum modern WebPart or build one with SPFx