Difference between Teams SharePoint vs standalone SharePoint site


I'm working on a roll-out for MS Teams and SharePoint for a client and I constantly get the question: What is the difference between Teams SharePoint vs standalone SharePoint site? I know there have been many features and functionality that have been added to the Teams SharePoint but want to check here if anyone has a chart or info-graphic or list that would help differentiate the two.

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Hi @Faiza Qadri ,


In terms of SharePoint there is no difference as its just a site that gets created underneath a Team. SharePoint is SharePoint. 


The difference is how you access the site from Teams which can be done a number of ways:-


1. Through the files tab in each channel.

2.  Using the SharePoint App/tab (not very good as only read only which means you cannot add anything)

3. Using the document library app/tab.