Default language when creating new sites in SharePoint

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Hello everybody,

is there any way to set the default language when creating new sites in SharePoint, e.g. communication site? My preferred language in Microsoft 365 admin center -> organization profile is already set to german,image.png but the preselected language is still english. Thanks!


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Language selection when creating SPO sites is coming. Indeed, the feature is already in Targeted Release
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You can do this with a site script and design and customizes the default template as well.
You can use to get started with the script creation as it has most of the regional setting configuration.

Thank you for your answers, I will do it that way. The designer looks really good and makes the creation a lot easier, :)

Unfortunately, the regional settings in the template do not change the global language of the site, but just change the regional settings in /_layouts/15/regionalsetng.aspx.
I would like that the initial selected language is not english when creating a page. Or better: Hide selection and automatically create a german site.