Crawling and searching in multiple lines of text type site column



I've created a site column called "Long_Description", which is a multiple lines of text field. I'm using this site column in a list and in a document library, and altough they have content and I'm reindexing them, the column doesn't show in the crawled properties in SharePoint Search Admin Center (and I even waited for 24h).

Is it possible to crawl a multiple lines of text site column in SharePoint Online?

Thanks in advance.


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@Ferran Chopo Garcia Yes this is possible. Is this the only column causing an issue for you, and also, by chance is this a SPO Office 365 Group Team Site?

Hello @Beau Cameron 

I've tried the same in two different tenants, and I have the same issue. The column is not crawled, although I reindexed the document library where I use the site column and waited for 24h.

Both tests have been done using a SPO Office 365 Group Team Site.

Any ideas?



Hello @Beau Cameron 

Thanks for your suggestion! I tried it, but it is still not working (I waited a day), altough I reproduced the steps in two different tenants :(

Any other ideas?

Thank you anyway!