Can i create a Button/Image that refers to an url, to create a site collection in SP Online?


Hi there,


I was wondering if its possible to create a button/image with that refers to an URL,  on a homepage that lets me create site collections (instead of going to the admin center).


Im working with projectsites, every projectsite has different rights so its better to make different site collections for each project but i don't want the end user to go the admin center, he/she just needs to push the button to create a project site collection.


Anyone with experience in this?




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Hi @Rob Giesen,


Do you mean like in Teams creating a team?


Or create site in SharePoint that creates a Communication or Team site?


or a button that starts a call to admin.asmx to create a site. (e.g. request list item gets created and a Flow process starts and a site collection is created)

This option is what im looking for (i pressume this option is admin.asmx) :


you need admin rights to create site collections like that.

Yes i know that, but that is not my question :)

yes, because you want your end user to push a button and get the SC created. How to achieve that without admin rights? You need to make use (somehow) of an admin account

it can be an end user with admin rights, but i dont want that user to go to the admin portal, SharePoint and than click new site collection.


I want that user to click a button that skips those steps.

I can only think in something like a runbook in Azure Automation, triggered with something like an item list with the properties for the SC creation and a flag column (Create yes/no). The runbook would read the item, and if Create is "yes" it would take the properties for site creation (checking URL doesn't exist, etc etc). Something like this, if you want to play:

The runbook would store and use admin credentials

You will be looking at creating a service that creates the site collection for you.


So this could be a Flow that calls the admin.asmx or a function app or anything really. Then you could even implement something that applies a pnp template assuming that you don't want to use the out of the box templates.


I'm currently working on a project where the customer creates a site request in SP2016 (on-premises SharePoint so I don't have the option of Flow) Then SharePoint Designer calls a webservice that then calls admin.asmx


So your button could for example use the pnp js libraries to create a list item, this then triggers the Flow that calls admin.asmx.

We have done this for several customers and you have some choices here but in the end you will need and Azure Function to automate the creation of your site following a template that you have previously created PnP