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We are converting our sharepoints sites to the modern view. We got some issues after converting:
Within the agenda app we use recurring items, now that we are about to go from the classic view to the modern view of sharepoint the recurring agenda items are no longer shown. If we open the classic view, we will see it as normal.
This option is gone with the modern view or we are missing something.
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Hi @MClaassen 


If you are using the Calendar app there is no modern experience view.



You can leverage the Events web part to display the Calendar app events. Make sure you set the source to "This site".



I hope this helps.




Norman is correct,
If you need a modern calendar view, you will need to build it. At my company we have already done so for two customers

@Juan Carlos González Martín how did you build it?

We built a SPFx WebPart with different views including a year view

Hi @Beau Cameron,


I'm not a developer. How can I use this github stuff on my site?  I find github more than confusing. 


What/how do I download and then what do I need to do with that?


It's great that these resources exist, but there is a missing manual for non-developers.


Any pointers greatly appreciated.


I can understand that. For non developers it can be more difficult because you need a development environment to build these solutions.

The SPFx tutorials are very good, however some development background would be required to implement these solutions.

@Norman Young Thanks, really appreciate this :lol: I have been sitting on this problem a while and avoiding rolling some homepages over to a modern page. The events view is a great solution.

Hi Beau,

Is there any script can run from PnP Powershell to convert that list view in to calendar views..?

also is this calendar view behavior is as standard view ..... is it right ..?

I guess if we want to display on any page this list calendar view, there we might need to convert in to standard view to modern experience view.

but in list it self it is displaying in standard view, how to convert sharepoint list calendar views to display as calendar view in modern experience site. kindly help any reference link.

@Beau Cameron 

@kmuralikrishna00 Yea, there is no calendar view in Modern. Turns out, not enough organizations use Calendar views!

Another option could be to use the Embed Web Part in modern and link to the Calendar view of your Calendar. There are a couple CSS things you need to change in the IFrame attributes, but it's possible. There may be some blog posts out there discussing how to do that.

@Beau Cameron I have tried this, but can't seem to get the embed code right. Are you able to share please? In terms of the code to embed a view of a classic calendar to display on a modern page please?

I want to try this before i go down the sPFX route.

I just can't get my head around how this can be.


I just migrated some calendars over from On-Prem without really giving it much thought. How can a platform as widely used as SharePoint not properly support something so fundamental to any business. I simply cannot understand why any other system we could possibly have chosen to use would seamlessly provision calendars they way we want but with SharePoint there is still this jarring disconnect between "Events" (modern view) and a "Calendar" (classic view). The features are different, the left navigation is different... why is there no modern calendar view? This is a calendar we are talking about, not a Gantt chart view - a calendar, something every single working person uses every single day!


The point is, we could do the things that some others have mentioned here but at some point we have to splash cold water on our face and ask ourselves, "Why do I need to do any type of development work to properly render a **bleep** calendar?"





Microsoft has released modern calendar views in SharePoint online recently.

Using this new feature you can create calendar views on any modern SharePoint online / Microsoft lists.


Then you can embed this calendar view on modern pages using Embed web part. For more information and step by step process check below articles:

  1. Create a modern Calendar view in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 
  2. Add Modern Calendar to a SharePoint Online page 

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Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín ,
I need just this, a calendar with a yearly view. Where can I find it?
Thanks in advanced,


While this will provide a modern calendar view, this is not a good replacement for the classic calendar. The most glaring issue is the lack of recurrence and neither article addresses how one might implement that.


On a related note, while the Events web part can be connected to a classic calendar, it will not show recurring events either. 

Brent is correct. The "modern" calendar view is (still approaching the end of 2021) a complete waste of time with features so limited as to make it absolutely useless, even for the simplest of use cases. I can't imagine what one would ever use this for actually.