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Firstly, I need to apologies, as I am learning as I go along, and my terminology may be incorrect.

The organisation in which I am working has implemented Teams, which I believe is effectively a front end for O365, with Sharepoint (and other apps) behind it.

I am attempting to add site Pages to my Team (aka Sharepoint Private Group), with expectation that I get an intranet look and feel for the team.  NB I think I will fail here, as it appears that Pages can only be viewed from Sharepoint, so you get all the Sharepoint navigation/tools/controls, rather than a clean and simple web page.


Anyway, I want to add a row/column with a small picture and some text around it.  I believe this to be a fairly simple requirement, and see youtube instruction doing so, but they have a toolbar/ribbon to add a picture.  My 'view' only allows '+' to add a new webpart within a column.  I can see no way of changing my view to see a toolbar.


I can choose to add a picture, but the web part takes the full width of the column.

NB I can crop the image to be a 'thumbnail', which can be placed on the left/centre/right, but I cannot add text in the remaining space, or any way to 'shrink' the webpart, allowing a text webpart to be placed next to it.  This means my small picture takes up the whole 'row', and aesthetically looks terrible.

**I get the impression that Web Parts have a specific function, which provide tools for that function.  ie I add a picture, and get a Picture Web Part, and I can crop and move.  If I add text, I get a Text Web Part, and can change the font.   'Obviously' I want a 'text box' in which I can choose to add a picture, or video for that matter.  Has this functionality been removed, have I missed something, or has the organisation blocked something?

FYI I have no idea how to identify which version of O365 I am using (I thought O365 was a global resources, and always 'up to date')


Any help would be much appreciated.


NB this Microsoft article references the ribbon.  I can only assume it is out of date, on the basis my organisation is using the current O365, or perhaps the administrators are blocking me from viewing the ribbon?

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Hi @ChrizK,


"I want to add a row/column with a small picture and some text around it."


Try using Sections to achieve your desired layout.


Developing the page in modern SharePoint will be the best development experience. Add the new site page as a Tab in Teams will be an excellent end-user experience.


I hope this helps.



@stormin_30 Thank you for your suggestion, however, am I correct that sections are limiting in that they do not allow me to choose how wide a section is?  It appears that I can, for example, choose a 1/3rd split (being a FIXED 1/3rd).

The example on the web page is certainly neat when you want everything to appear in columns, but that doesn't suit my purpose.  It is also interesting that the example shows

Graphic > Text > Graphic > Text, which indicates four columns, each with a web part.

That does not appear to be possible, unless you can 2x Two Columns next to each other(???)


5. Section Layout, shows Full Width section, with two vertical dotted lines.

Is this indicating the ability to choose Full Width, and insert 'any number' of columns, at the width YOU choose?


I don't actually have this option, but I am guessing it is because I have chosen to have Vertical section on the right (which contains my Navigation links to other pages).


>>>>UPDATE >>>> I created a new site page (without Vertical), and Full Width is not available.



Sorry, further update, as I spotted

Note: Full-width column is not available on pages that are part of Team sites. It is available only on pages that are part of Communication sites.

So, how did they produce the example (Graphic > Text > Graphic > Text)?

NB They also have a Vertical section.

Can anyone tell me how the example was produced, ie Graphic > Text > Graphic > Text?


Thank you

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@ChrizK the example you gave with the ribbon was an older on-premise version of SharePoint, either 2010 or 2013. Although modern SharePoint Online shares some of the backend look and some of the features of the the older products you really need to think of it as a totally different platform. There is no way on a modern site to have text wrapping around an image. There is the text web part, there is the image web part but there is no image & text web part.


You only get the full width web part if you have created a Communication site rather than created for example a team site then converted it to the modern UI.


The graphic > text > graphic > text in the article about sections wasn't 4 columns, it was a news web part set  in a one column section with the news layout set to side by side. There is then a vertical column on the right.


The options you have for the layout of columns is limited to the options Microsoft provides and you cannot set the width. The reason for that is that the page is responsive so will adjust itself depending on the screen width.


Unless you go down the route of custom development or SPFx (which we're not allowed to use at my company so I know very little about it) then unfortunately you have to live with the more restrictive way of laying out pages than we had before.


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Thanks for the detailed reply @RobElliott .

It is great to have a fully qualified answer, even if it "you can't".


The example wasn't from me, but someone who was attempting to answer my question.


It is somewhat annoying that the old implementation of Sharepoint allowed so much more flexibility, and IMO, the new is so restrictive it ties people hands behind their backs to the detriment of creativity (and arguably clarity).


I will have to investigate multiple News Web Parts, to see if I can get a modicum of flexibility.

I haven't even looked at these yet, and assume they allow a picture to be added to the left of a news article ...but perhaps the wording has to fit to the height of the picture...


NB Appreciate what you are saying about the dynamic page layout, but I would guess there could be a way of giving the page designer a way of choosing how many columns, and the proportion to each.  That said, if MS don't allow us to place a picture where we want, there will be little chance of them providing this as a feature.  Seems like they are dumbing down the product purely for simplification for the masses.

@ChrizK each news item in a news web part is a page in its own right. The web part picks up the banner image in the page to use in the web part, or if there isn't a banner image - for example the header layout is set to Plain - then any other image image on the page will be picked up to use in the web part. The amount of text its uses from the page is about the first 100 characters.


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@ChrizK "It is somewhat annoying that the old implementation of SharePoint allowed so much more flexibility"

To be fair to Microsoft there is some method in the madness here although it does sometimes seem that we've taken a step backwards. Microsoft are doing continual upgrades (at least in theory). Their view is that they don't want user s to have massively-customised sites that might break when a new feature is rolled out.


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