Migration from 2013 with a 2016/2019 jump to Subscription Edition

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Looking at migrating from 2013 to Subscription Edition.


- I know the databases need to be either upgraded to 2016 or 2019 before being able to be attached to SE


Questions is - how complete of an install does the jump 2016 server need to be?


- Can it be a single server base install just to attached the database to

- Does it required all service applications configured to match source farm?

- Does it required all branding solutions deployed to match source farm?

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Hi @Warwick Ward, it's just enough to ensure the database schemas are fully upgraded to at least SharePoint Server 2016 RTM, which would include creating the associated service applications. So a single server install should be fine. That said, the more fully you configure the 2016 environment, the easier it is to identify any upgrade issues early, especially with custom solutions.

Thanks for the explanation Troy