Custom search to search pdf files in certain librarys

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I have set up document system with three different document librarys. Togheter they hold about 32000 pdf documents. I have implement the custom search module on my site and created a custom search resultspage.


I have redirected the search to resultspage and defined the document librarys. I have also tried to define the SharePoint result source and search terms but with no luck. I have tried many different combinations like path:https://sharepoint document url like below with no luck. The results find my document librarys, but doesnt search in them for the files. It only shows a link to the document library instead of the files. Is ther something i missing or isnt this possbile to achieve?


Do I have to create a Scope? Crawl? I really dont understand those features.


Please help! :)


{SearchBoxQuery}( (Path:http://sharepoint/sites/demo/dev/DocLib1 (FileExtension:pdf)) OR
(Path:http://sharepoint/sites/demo/dev/DocLib2 (FileExtension:pdf)) OR
(Path:http://sharepoint/sites/demo/dev/DocLib3(FileExtension:pdf)) )


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