SharePoint Online PowerBI Webpart error 10002 resource not allowed


Not sure if anyone else has ran into this yet, or if I need to just open a premier case instead.  The PowerBI web part came out of preview today in our tenant, and I tried to add it to a modern page, but got an error, that I simply cannot find anywhere on the net. 

Power BI Web Part Error MessagePower BI Web Part Error Message

When I ran a Fiddler trace during adding the webpar I got some insight on the error. The SharePoint SP.OAuth.Token/acquire endpoint was trying to connect to the resource "" but was getting a status of HTTP 400. 

Fiddler TraceFiddler Trace


Anyways, not sure if anyone has had this yet, and if so, what did they do? When I try to browse to the domain, I get a DNS error, so I'm not sure.  The only real configuration modifications on the SharePoint Service was we are using Azure AD Conditional Access on SharePoint and OneDrive but not PowerBI right now. 

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