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When will the embed PowerBI Report Modern Webpart be available in SharePoint Online. This was shown at ignite a long time ago but, there has been no news about it since then.

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Power BI embedded in SPO is going to be available in a few weeks


@Eyal Carmel I have now got the Power BI Web Part available in SharePoint however, I keep getting the following error when I add the part to page.


"An error occurred, please try logging out and back in and then revisiting this page. Correlation id: undefined, http response status: 400, server error code 10001, message: Missing refresh token"


I have tried pasting in the Report URl however, it is not clearing the message. Is there some Guidance on using the Web Part anywhere.

Hi Scott - seems you've caught us as we roll out the web part :). 


Try  this:

1) Sign-out of sharepoint and sign back in it may resolve itself, use the button at top right for your profile, then close all browser windows and then sign back in again.


2) If your user account requires Multi-factor authentication, ensure you sign-in to SharePoint using your multi-factor authenticaiton device (phone app, smart card, etc.)


Let me know if you still can't make it work after following these steps.



@Lukasz Pawlowski


Thanks for the info. Is it supporting ADFS at all?

Sure does.  It absolutely "just works" and you have to love that.   I'm in an ADFS deployment and was curious how it would work, if it was going to be a pain with authentication, etc.   Basically, here are the steps --


  1. Go to PowerBI
  2. Open Report
  3. Click on [File] and then [Embed in Sharepoint Online]
  4. Copy provided link
  5. Go to Sharepoint Online, open modern web page, add PowerBI web part
  6. Paste link, choose Page Name (if you have multple pages for your report
  7. Choose if you want to hide navigation pane and filter pane and choose if you want 16:9 or 4:3
  8. Done

Works fabulously so far in testing.  Seamless, loads quickly, simple to configure.  Extremely impressed so far.

 Guys, have read correctly that in order for a user ot view a dashboard in SharEPoint they require a Power BI liecnce ? 


This just sounds mad as we would have to pay out a lot of dosh just for people to view a dashboard. I understand you need a liecnce if a user wanted to edit or create a dashboard.