Move SharePoint 2013 PowerPivot to new SQL Server

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I can't find clear documentation on this so looking for any clarification or confirmation.  Have SharePoint 2013 on prem using PowerPivot and wants to move the instance to another SQL server.


My understanding would be setup the SQL instance and PowerPivot install, stop the PowerPivot service instance in SharePoint, backup/restore the databases, run the PowerPivot config wizard to point to the new SQL instance, start the service instance. Is that right?  Do the datasources in the Excel workbooks need to be updated too?  Or what's the proper method?  Thanks!

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I think you are on the right track with the migration method. I recommend using a SQL Alias, so that in the future you only need to update the Alias if you change SQL Servers again.


The PowerPivot data sources only need to be changed if you are changing the data source location.


This article relates to upgrading between SharePoint versions but has some points that may be useful