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Dear all, I want to setup a sharepoint list where hundreds of employees will fill in simple events occuring during workday. For example: TaskName (fromDropDown), StartTime, EndTime.


I expect there will be 100k rows after one year of filling this list.


Can Sharepoint list support such large amount of data?

Will I be able to retrieve data from the list using PowerBI?

Web search provides links to documentation where some sources note that there is a limit of 5000 rows in SP list, other documentation provides that actual capacity is 30 million rows.

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@ArturasF the maximum number of items in a SharePoint list is 30 million. The 5000 refers to the list view threshold and the issue is not with storing more than 5000 items but in displaying more than that in a view. It will give you an error message if you go over the threshold. There are plenty of blogs and posts that discuss it so do a search for Sharepoint list view threshold to read up about it.


You might want to consider archiving off each previous month to a different list, perhaps by a using a flow in Power Automate which is what we do on several of our big lists:



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