Does PowerBI Integrate with a Sharepoint Business Intelligence (BI) Center site?

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Hi All,


I have been looking into the options for publishing Power BI reports to Sharepoint. I understand that it is possible to embed a Power BI report in a Sharepoint modern site page.


However, I came across a potential second option which was a reference to a type of Sharepoint site called Business Intelligence (BI) Center site. I would like to determine if we could use this type of site as our one stop location for reports/KPIs/scorecards/dashboards etc. However, I do not see Power BI listed as a tool which can be used to create reports on the Business Intelligence Center site. 

Is there a way to embed existing Power BI reports in this type of site? Obviously we do not want to redesign our existing Power BI reports using one of the listed tools. I would like to know if there is any kind of integration between Power BI and a Sharepoint Business Intelligence (BI) Center site.


Thank you in advance for any information.




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@LindaH665 That BI Site template has been around for many years, it was a good option before Power BI existed and was primarily used on-premises. Most of its functionality has been superseded with new techniques.

Since you are already using PowerBI, I would recommend focusing your design efforts on using the Workspaces in conjunction with SPO pages/PowerBI web parts, and Teams w/PowerBI tabs.