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Firstly, we'd like to avoid having to pay thousands of dollars per month to get everyone a Power BI licenses as everyone is already licensed with Business Standard, which includes SharePoint, Teams, Yammer etc, so we'd like to use what we have.


Does SharePoint have ANY analytics other than the Usage Reports which are way too summarized?  For example, our marketing dept would like to send out weekly newsletters either via email, Yammer Announcement with a link to a file which will be stored in SharePoint.


I know we can see in Yammer how many users have "seen" the post yet how can we verify how many users have VIEWED the file from the link?  If we add a link to a SharePoint site for example, can we see its usage (just that file)?  


What do others do when we need to analyze what users are doing with our correspondences, shares, posts (how ever we do it)?

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@Mercedes Green you can use Google Analytics. This blog has details and includes a link to SharePoint App package that you can use in your tenant (at the bottom of the page)

How to add Google Analytics to the Modern SharePoint - HANDS ON SharePoint (

@Steve Knutson Please excuse my ignorance of GA but will that then keep a tally on an actual attachment that's in a SharePoint List/Library ie how many times that file was accessed?  

@Mercedes Green I haven't tested with documents specifically but you do get page counts and paths e.g. person clicks link on page, goes to another page then clicks a link etc


SharePoint has built in analytics also but it provides less detail. This is a good summary.

View usage data for your SharePoint site - SharePoint (

@Steve Knutson I assume this is the entire site collection usage (ie the top level site)?  We use modern pages to split up  most our content that we need analyzed but can't find analytics by page.  

@Mercedes Green 

if it's for a file, you can maybe used the built in fonction with the site feature "sharepoint viewer"?


It give you also a view per week


To activate it, go to the site setting/site feature and activate the option "sharepoint viewer"

It's also good feature for when all the Teams recording will be move to onedrive/sharepoint.