Threat & Vulnerability Management - Request Remediation not effective.




For security recommendation, when we need to request remediation for some updates, it's not proceeds effectively because it's depending on endpoint user acceptance to this update.

Is there a way to force my endpoint users to update my requested remediation within sometime .



Thank you.

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Hello @Qusai_Ismail ,


By requesting remediation you only ask your IT colleagues to perform the actions recommended by you (based on your experience, Microsoft recommendations or other). 

"Vulnerability management capabilities bridges the gap between Security and IT administrators through the remediation request workflow." Remediate vulnerabilities | Microsoft Docs


When you request remediation, you only create a ticket for your IT. For example, it can be seen in Vulnerability management -> Remediation -> Activities or (if you use MEM and requested to create a ticket there) in Intune -> Endpoint protection -> Security tas ks.