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I’m working with Sensitive Labels inside Security & Compliance Center. I already created the labels (its working) and using the recommended script by Microsoft i get the Labels and Tooltips in different languages, but only on Office on-premises (local), using the undefined label client (AzInfoProtection_UL.exe). As its possible to check the label "Confidential-MI" change according the language on local office. 


I want to use on Office web ( online) the same labels. They show ups, but show the same Tooltip/description when i created, doesn’t change according the langue user on Microsoft account.


Set-Label -Identity "Confidential-MI" -LocaleSettings '{"localeKey":"DisplayName","Settings":[{"Key":"en-us","Value":"English display name"},{"Key":"es-es","Value":"Nombre para mostrar en Español"},{"Key":"de-de","Value":"Deutscher Anzeigename"}]}','{"localeKey":"tooltip","Settings":[{"Key":"en-us","Value":"This is an example label"},{"Key":"es-es","Value":"Esta es una etiqueta de ejemplo"},{"Key":"de-de","Value":"Dies ist ein Beispieletikett"}]}'



I already change my default language inside my 365 account, i already change the browser language, and put both in English. Inside a SPO site they have the same behavior.

The label and tool tip still showing the original name and description.


Any suggestion?



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