Safe Documents - licensing


Hey guys, today I have a special question. We have users in our environment with a F3 license + F5 Security add on - also additional "apps for enterprise" (the reason are licensing specific for shared user accounts). We want to use the safe documents feature - but we found out that this feature is only available in a E5 Security license. So why is this feature not included with F5 security? is this because Microsoft thinks that a F3 user did not need apps for enterprise which also means they dont need safe documents? 


I just want to clear things up. Thanks. 

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I think the reasoning behind this is that if you ask Microsoft, the F-licenses are for "Frontline workers" and I think the license agreement stipulates that they can't have a dedicated computer device bit rather work most of their time from a mobile device or tablet with a screen smaller than 10.1". So in Microsoft's head - a frontline worker with Microsoft 365 Apps is probably not a scenario they think exist. Even though I personally think your license bundle is smart :)