Publish Sensitivity labels just for documents in a specific Team / SharePoint Library


Hey there,


I set up Sensitivity label and want to publish them just for a specific SharePoint Library or just in one Team. Every  person who enters the library/ the team can apply the labels just there.


The Container Solution does not help me here, because it applies the sensitivity labels to the people in a group, which leads to this, that the people can apply the labels in all other groups as well. 


Does anybody know how to fix this issue?


Many thanks in advance and kind regards,


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This isn't currently possible.

One ask I have that is related, is the ability to auto-apply sensitivity labels based on location, such as a SharePoint library or folder (just as you can currently do for retention labels). You can do this now via MCAS file policies, but the number of allowed policies is capped at a low number, making this not scalable for an enterprise. This would greatly help adoption by training users to put documents in certain folders in order to apply the label.