Office Apps & Security + data privacy

Does someone have an actual list of all Office Apps, which shows data privacy or security issues?

example: Outlook for iOS and Android caches via a 3rd party server

I have one, but I would like to compare it.
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The Security Score Analyzer + the Office 365 Customer Security Considerations Preview (available in the SCC) should cover most of the privacy/security issues. But as those are Microsoft authored, you wont find things such as the AWS servers there :) There was some additional info posted on the Trust center, but the site seems to have received a major overhaul and mostly has marketing crap on it now...
Hm, nevermind, seems the search result brought a different site. still has the list of subcontractors and 3rd parties data access, and other interesting stuff.

Hi Vasil,


I think we have to talk on Ignite or on our MVP summit :)


Thank you for your reply. I know this websites and the information on it, but for a compliance & security audit of these apps this isn´t enough.  An optimal solution can be a website with information of every app.


  • data flowchart & server architecture
  • encryption information
  • roadmap
  • RMS avalible? (view, edit)
  • roadmap
  • data privacy information
  • support of 3rd party apps/files
  • and so on