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Announcing new Microsoft Information Protection capabilities to know and protect your data. - Micros...

We are announcing the general availability of 49 new and 12 improved sensitive information types, covering key regulations in Europe and Asia Pacific. We are also announcing new features that improve the accuracy of sensitive information types and enable you to customize them to suit your organization’s unique needs.


Compliance Ecosystem Growth (

By expanding MISA and including Microsoft Compliance, we are making it a holistic program across Security, Compliance, and Identity. Specifically, for Microsoft Compliance, we are adding the following five solutions to MISA portfolio.


Don’t get caught off guard by the hidden dangers of insider risks! - Microsoft Tech Community

We are excited to announce the public preview of additional features that make it easier to get started with Insider Risk Management and detect potential insider risk activities with enhanced machine learning models.


Announcing co-authoring on Microsoft Information Protection-encrypted documents and labeling updates...

The updates we announced bring the Microsoft 365 Apps’ built-in labeling client one step closer to feature parity with the Azure Information Protection client, and they allow administrators to deploy advanced capabilities easily and securely as part of the Microsoft 365 deployment.


Microsoft commitment to close security skills gap - Microsoft Tech Community

We strive to ensure customers have the skilling and learning resources they need to keep up in our world of complex cybersecurity attacks. By empowering our customers to increase their skilling knowledge, we enable customers to get up and running faster with Microsoft security and compliance solutions. We are excited to announce three new ways Microsoft is supporting skilling cyber security professionals.


Announcing new assessment templates and enhanced capabilities in Compliance Manager - Microsoft Tech...

We are now excited to announce new capabilities and assessment templates that will increase regulation visibility, further enrich the user experience, and save organizations valuable time. 


Microsoft Further Extends Unified Data Loss Prevention - Microsoft Tech Community

We are pleased to announce a continued investment in DLP with three new capabilities that further extend and expand the scope of DLP to a third-party browser and on-premises file repositories, and the introduction of a new DLP management and workflow experience.


Announcing the Public Preview of features in Microsoft Information Protection unified analytics - Mi...

In Public Preview, Microsoft 365 Compliance Center’s enhanced unified labeling and analytics experience now offer support for the most awaited ‘Azure Information Protection (AIP) audit logs’ including exploration of all activities. 


Harnessing Advanced Audit to power your forensic investigations in 5 steps (

Advanced Audit can help organizations scope data compromise and respond to regulatory obligations by providing access to audit events that are important for forensic investigations, and by extending audit log retention for up to a year.  Here’s 5 steps to quickly get started with Advanced Audit within Microsoft 365 compliance center out of the box.  


Protect your infrastructure with Secured-core server - Microsoft Tech Community

Given the many incentives motivating these attacks, raising the bar for attackers is a clear and urgent need for Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI. Using our learnings from the Secured-core PC initiative, we are now bringing these innovations to Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI. In collaboration with our OEM partners and hardware ecosystem, we expect this effort to bring your devices advanced hardware-based protection, while maintaining ease of management.


Information protection strategies and roadmap to address issues around sensitive data

This podcast features the leaders, program managers from Microsoft and experts from the industry to share details about the latest solutions and processes to help you manage your data, keep it safe and stay compliant.  If you prefer to listen to the audio of this podcast instead, please visit:

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