Have you checked out our recent Business Email Compromise blogs?

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These articles were excellent. The community appreciates the transparency and the innovation that is going into protecting email. The actions taken to disable email forwarding was probably the boldest and most significant move to help.
The 3rd article was really good because it provided concrete actions that defenders can take such as enabling MFA and DMARC. The 2nd article showed how Spoof Intelligence helps even those organizations who have not deployed DMARC, which is an industry first and welcome innovation.
Feedback on Article #1) "In 2020 alone, DCU’s efforts led to the removal of almost 745,000 phishing URLs and the closure of more than 3,500 malicious email accounts."
The average length of time that a phishing URL is active is less than 4 hours. And most phishing email accounts are likewise disposable. How does the DCU plan to deal with short lived URLs and emails?
Community Feedback: Check the age of a domain name used in email. Recently emails are getting through where the domain name was created on the same day as the email sent. Competitor solutions are able to check for domain age, for example: quarantine domains < 40 days old.

Feedback on Article #2) "Display name or From address look-alike (user impersonation)"
Recently, emails have been getting through where the Display Name is first name and last initial, for example: "Megan B <meganb@gmail.com>"
Can the Anti Phishing engine be updated to detect for these first name, last initial impersonations too?

These articles are helpful in educating the community on the innovation going into the email security products, which is important since 90% of all breaches start with an email. The feedback that most of my customers have is that when something slips through, they feel that the current support they receive from Microsoft is not adequate. For example, I have a customer right now who has been waiting without remedy on a support case and they are getting quite frustrated with the lack of support.

Thank you and keep up the great work.