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Hi, I was wondering if any of the currently unsupported scenarios for FIDO2 keys are on the roadmap:


  • Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain joined (on-premises only devices) deployment.
  • RDP, VDI, and Citrix scenarios using a security key.
  • S/MIME using a security key.
  • "Run as" using a security key.
  • Log in to a server using security key.


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@WFChris Indeed we are looking at expanding the usage scenarios where FIDO2 Security keys are used in the environment.


Today the public preview for WebAuthn and Windows Login are the beginnings of that integration,  and as that progresses we will look at enabling the other use cases.


Your list is great,  since it helps us target in on the experiences customers are looking for, so thanks for sharing.

Do we have any progress in the list ?

Are we supporting RDP using FIDO2 Security Keys ?

I checked that Azure based services are now available with FIDO login.

@Jef Kazimer 

I also note thas in the client O365 it is impossible to validate the mfa with a fido key.

- make a connection with the rdp client and the fido key
- integrate the keys without using remotefx
- key management in azure to assign user