Feature request - Azure Information Protection - read .pfiles from iOS and protect .mp3 files


I hope this message will land to the Microsoft Product Development that goes about the feature requests of Azure Information Protection. I have a use case where a famous artist wants to share .mp3 files with Azure Information Protection configured on the file. He wants to prevent forwards of this file (on e.g. WhatsApp). I would say these are two apart requests since .mp3 files aren’t supported file types (yet?), and the iOS app can’t handle the use of .pfile extensions.

Can someone provide me some feedback if this feature will be implemented in the (near) future?

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Update on this case, I have added a feature request and created a case at Microsoft. For the ones who are interested, this is the tracking id: #2109280050000901
Hey there @BilalelHadd! Do we have any updates on this feature request?
Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately, this isn't possible (yet) and won't be implemented soon.