Container based lables and Documnet based labels


Hi All,

I m in the middle of creating container based (SharePoint, M365 groups,etc) sensitivity labels and Unified labeling for AIP. 

Can someone please tell me the best approach for this.

1. Creating container specific set of labels separately and create a separate set of  labels for document labeling

eg -Container based labels 

       Container - Private

       Container - Public

       Container - Confidential 

       Document based labels 


       Private - only internal staff

       Confidential - only for specific set of staff 

2. Create common set of labels for containers and documents. 


I m aware in near future we will be able to Inherit the container classification to the documents level, in that case, I think it is better to have a common set of labels. 


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I agree that a common set of labels should be used, you want to keep it a simple as possible. A container label is just providing a visual queue to remind people that the Team or Site may contain some special content.
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@Dean Gross 


Thanks for your reply, Dean.

@Nip17  I would go for common ones if possible as if you have separate one for Containers and content  then in Teams you are Ok as you only see the subset created up for containers ( 3 labels in your scenario). However if you are in an Office app and select Sensitivity labels you see both sets of labels (so in your scenario all six labels) so 3 would protect content and the other 3 would do nothing

Hello Dean - do you know when the capability of inheriting sensitivity label from the container-level to document-level be available? I still don't understand the purpose of applying sensitivity label to SPO sites/containers if the files do not inherit the label. Maybe i'm missing something here.
I was bummed out to find out recently that documents in the Doc Library within SPO site was not inheriting the sensitivity label applied at container level. MCAS File Policy is a workaround for this until this capability is pushed into production.
My guess is your auto-labeling policy (if you have it) should handle this. But following anyway for a more concise answer, if it happens.