Azure Information Protection (AIP) without the client

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Is there any way to apply AIP labels to documents/emails without the AIP client or is the information protection bar that comes with AIP client the only way to do this?



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You can also use PowerShell or the API.

Yes you can connect MS office(2013 SP1 and 2016) application to Azure Information Protection then get all publish labels in it.

The Azure Information Protection client that you download and install from the Microsoft Download Center has a number of components that let you label (classify and protect) documents and emails - including the Office add-on that installs the Protect button on the ribbon and the Information Protection bar, a shell extension for File Explorer so you can right-click to label files, a PowerShell module to label files, and a scanner to crawl on-premises file stores to label documents.  All these components can label files.


If all you want to do is protect documents and emails within Office apps, you can protect them (but not label them) without installing the Azure Information Protection client. To do this, you need an edition of Office that supports Azure Rights Management.

So, whats the difference if I install AIP client or I dont? My PC is Hybrid AD Joined (Azure + On prem AD). I didn't install client, tho I have Protect button and all the labels I created.

If you see a Protect button on the Office ribbon (for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), that does sound like you have the Azure Information Protection client installed.  From the Protect button, do you have a "Help and Feedback" option?  If you do, select it and in the Microsoft Azure Information Protection dialog box, it should display Version and a release number for the Azure Information Protection client installed.