New features in AMS: Alerts, 'data-size' for SAP HANA, HA cluster (RHEL) and new NetWeaver telemetry

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Previously we announced that SAP customers can monitor SAP Applications (NetWeaver), Operating System (Linux), high-availability (pacemaker) clusters (based on SUSE OS), in addition to SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL server in Azure Portal through Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (AMS). AMS enables SAP BASIS and infrastructure teams to do end-to-end SAP technical monitoring at once place in Azure portal. Microsoft is committed to providing best ‘run’ experience for SAP on Azure customers.


Today I am excited to announce following new AMS capabilties in public preview:


AMS Alerts: Customers can now set alerts for SAP Application (NetWeaver), SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, and high-availability (pacemaker) clusters with a few clicks in AMS. You can view a list of pre-defined alert templates and create alert rules of your choice from the available templates. You can pick and choose the provider name to configure alert rules on. This gives you flexibility when creating alerts for SAP systems. You can edit the threshold value for the alert rule, customize severity, choose the time window and frequency for the alert rule, and select option for suppression. You can use existing action group or create a new action group directly from AMS to receive notification (email, SMS, push, voice) and configure actions (automation runbook, ITSM, webhook, logic apps, Azure functions etc.). Alert rules and notifications are chargeable as per standard Azure alert pricing.



‘Data-size’ for SAP HANA: Customers run SAP HANA on some of the largest Azure virtual machines and large instances. With the ‘data-size’ for SAP HANA feature customers can view straight line prediction for database growth and the number of days the current capacity will last. You can adjust parameters (growth rate, prediction offset etc.) to create capacity prediction scenarios for your HANA environment. You can drill one layer down to understand the reason for data growth by looking at top tables, number of rows, table growth rate, table size vs loaded size for tables etc. You can also view the HANA file system utilization and its trends for further information. For existing AMS customers, this feature will be available seamlessly (there is no need to take action). For new customer, please follow step-by-step guide to deploy AMS resource and configure at least 1 SAP HANA provider to use this feature.  














High-availability (pacemaker) cluster on RHEL OS: Customers who use RHEL operating system in high-availability (pacemaker) clusters can now use AMS to monitor the cluster health as per underlying node and resource statuses, view location constraints and trends. Microsoft and RedHat have worked together to enable HA cluster monitoring in AMS. Customers can install performance co-pilot (PCP) on RHEL servers to collect and visualize HA cluster telemetry data in AMS. This feature is currently supported for RHEL versions 8.4 and 8.2.


Further, I am excited to announce private preview for new telemetry for SAP Applications (NetWeaver): AMS customers can now collect and visualize instance-level performance monitoring data like CPU and memory usage (SDF/SMON), response time (ST03) and application error logs (Short Dumps). This new telemetry is collected by using RFC SDK provided by SAP. 

To sign up for private preview, visit sign up form. Learn more about exisitng SAP Application (NetWeaver) capabilities in AMS, visit AMS providers.



































Region availability and AMS pricing: AMS is available in following regions: US East, US East 2, US West 2, North Europe and West Europe. AMS is free product (does not have license fee). Customers are responsible to bear consumption costs associated with data ingestion and data retention as well as costs of 'managed resource group' deployed as part of product. Learn more about 'managed resource group'.


To get started, log into Azure portal and search ‘Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions’ in Azure Marketplace. Please see the links below for further information.


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