Is your SAP environment optimized? Assessments for SAP on Azure can help
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Customers who use SAP for managing and operating their businesses know how mission critical this app is. They also realize that it’s complex, exacerbated by the number of configurations available to tune it for their specific environments. Microsoft has long understood these considerations and requirements, given that many SAP instances have run on Microsoft tech in customer data centers for decades.


Microsoft Assessments are a set of industry-standard best practices that incorporate proven strategies for managing and optimizing an organization's IT assets. Customers are continually looking to streamline operations, increase productivity, and control costs. Now, there are more ways than ever to identify new workloads and services that will support their strategic objectives and grow their business. We are excited to share and discuss Microsoft Assessments for SAP Workloads running on the Azure Platform.


SAP On Azure [AzSAP] Well-Architected Framework assessment/review is one of three Assessments available for SAP Workload on Azure to support customer/partner journey to Microsoft Azure cloud.

AZSAP AssessmentsAZSAP Assessments


What is a “Well Architected Framework Review for SAP Workload"?

  • SAP On Azure Well-Architected assessment/review is a Microsoft Azure self-service assessment offering to evaluate and create a roadmap for customers/partners to improve the quality of SAP On Azure deployment on the Azure Platform while addressing business Non-Functional requirements.
  • Evaluate the architecture guidance and best practices created for architects, developers and solution owners to improve the quality of the SAP On Azure workloads based on five aligned and connected pillars.
  • Deliver prioritized and actionable recommendations to address each risk.

Best practices to drive SAP On Azure workload qualityBest practices to drive SAP On Azure workload quality

 Key Outcomes

  • Scoring across the five pillars of Well-Architected for SAP On Azure deployment.
  • Identify key risks to the SAP workload deployment and steps to remediate.
  • Propose actionable and prioritized recommendations to address identified risks
  • Capture key findings and associated recommendations in an SAP Well Architected Review report focused on the reviewed Pillar/s.
  • Provide guidance for implementing critical short-term recommendations


How to access Self-Service Well-Architected for SAP On Azure Assessment

Microsoft Assessment PlatformMicrosoft Assessment Platform


  • Login to the site with your Microsoft user to ensure the Assessment is saved for the user login.
  • Select Azure Well-Architected Review to select the workload for Well-Architect-Framework Assessment.
  • Select New Assessment.


  • Link your Azure Subscription (Optional) to get Azure Advisor recommendation or continue with Start


  • Select the workload for Assessment



Select the Well-Architected pillar/s for Assessment (at least one pillar must be selected to proceed further, it is recommended to select all for full assessment.




  • Progress with "Next" and select the applicable design considerations for respective questions.
  • On the last question select "View guidance" to access the Assessment Scoring for selected Pillars.


Next steps

  • Customers/Partners can complete the self-service assessment and review the outcome.
  • If the assessment (score) output is not in line with the expectation, then the Customers/Partners technical team can export "Output to CSV" and reach out to Microsoft contact to arrange a session with AzSAP Well-Architected Executive Summary.


Learn more about the Azure Cloud Excellence for SAP #87 - The one with the AzSAP Assessments (Etienne Dittrich & Jitendra Singh) | SAP on Azure Podcast ...



Author Bio

Jitendra Singh & Etienne Dittrich are SAP On Azure Principal Program Managers at Microsoft, part of the Customer Solutions & Incubation team, responsible for helping customers achieve the most out of their cloud investment and have a channel for direct feedback to the Product team.

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