Teams Private Channels in GCC?

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March has ended. Is there an update to when we can expect Private Channels in teams? There is a major need for this in our org.


Thank you.

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We have had Private Channels in our GCC tenant for a few months now. You should open a Tech Support ticket to see if they have any ideas.

@Cary Siemers Thanks, I think I will tomorrow. I just found that the option in the global policy was turned off, even though I turned it on about a month ago when I noticed it there. So, I just turned it back on and will wait a day to put a ticket in.

Thanks for confirming that it's out there somewhere.

@Garrett Brown 

GCC tenants are notoriously left behind for new features. It can be months or even years before we get them. Unfortunately the Roadmap is often sparse on the details for GCC tenants so one wouldn't know if a feature was supposedly done being rolled out. Which might be the case for your tenant.


I too have found "features" appearing as an option, but non-functional for months. Right now in Outlook the Notes feature is non-functional though having the option available for months. The same in OneDrive with the Request Files feature. It'd be nice if the feature didn't show up as an option until the tenant actually had it available. Didn't they teach simple IF THEN ELSE commands?

IF Tenant Has Feature

THEN Display Option

ELSE Don't Display Option