Request for a Government tenant Roadmap


If you are in the Government tenant, you probably feel the pain that many of us have expressed here about the delays in getting O365 products released to our tenant, and moreover the lack of transparency in when they are going to be released.

We understand the releases are delayed while obtaining the necessary compliance that is part of the Government tenants, but as administrators (and users!), we need more information to be able to properly plan and advise our users.

The current Roadmap has spotty information in this space, at best, and it is not easy to find. Often it is buried in a description page, without any information on when we will get the release.


There is a User Voice item posted requesting a Government tenant Roadmap with dates for product releases to the Gov tenants:


Please consider adding your voice to help this item get traction!


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Added mine!

Yes! Clear communication is key to successful inclusion, as every "adoption" expert should know. More information is always better. Keep us apprised so we can do the same for our leaders.

Thanks William.
Please make sure to submit comments and support to User Voice through the link. We don't have a lot of backers...yet! :)

Did just that. Fingers crossed...

I have added mine. There is a lot they can do to make this better and it just comes down frequency and level of detail. 

Hooray! Someone is listening. Nice filtering now enabled in GCC roadmap. Thank you, MS.
best response confirmed by Jeff Medford (Community Manager)

@Kathleen Lynch (and anyone else interested),


Last year they put GCC, GCC High and GCC High/DoD instances on the roadmap, so you can now filter on them specifically...


As noted, release dates are always "tentative" but this at least gives a rough time-frame.