New capabilities for the Microsoft Planner app in Microsoft Teams for GCC customers

Published Jul 22 2021 09:00 AM 10K Views

We’ve extended Microsoft Planner functionality in Microsoft Teams for GCC customers, with GCC High and DoD availability coming soon. These added features for organizing and assigning tasks include: 


  • A new List view for quickly seeing and sorting more tasks. It also supports bulk editing so you can change the details of several tasks, like progress, priority, and due date, all at once. The List view is available for Planner in Teams alongside the traditional Board, Charts, and Schedule views from Planner for the web. 
  • A left navigation pane that organizes your tasks by Important (based on priority), Planned (based on due date), and Assigned to me (tasks that others assign to you). That same pane also shows all your Teams and channels that contain a Planner plan to help you quickly navigate to the right team effort. 
  • Native integration with Teams notifications (i.e., messages, channels, and email) for certain task updates, like when you’re assigned a task or when a task is completed. 
  • Task publishing to frontline workers. With this feature, leadership can create tasks centrally at the corporate level and publish those tasks to targeted frontline locations like stores, clinics, or factories. Frontline workers at those locations see a simple list of their task assignments through Teams, while corporate has full visibility into task progress across all locations.  





Planner is a visual, collaborative task management solution that organizes all your teams’ tasks on an intuitive Kanban board. Loaded with capabilities for completing task-based team efforts on time—things like task labels, checklists, attachments, and prebuilt status charts—the Planner app in Teams has long been available for all government cloud offerings. To get the app, select the ellipses (…) in the left Teams pane, type “Planner” into the search bar, and choose the Planner app. 


You can learn more about Planner on our websitesupport page, and Planner Tech Community, where we post all the latest commercial Planner news. If you’d like to help us improve the Planner experience in Teams, select the Help in the bottom left corner of Teams and choose the best option for your input. 

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When will To-Do be available and integrate with Planner on GCCH?

Occasional Visitor

What about recurring tasks as a feature

Frequent Visitor

Will Planner be available inside a private channel?


Is Planner being worked on to integrate with Project Online/Web better? Not just a link to the Planner, but actual tasks and their progress/tracking/completeness/priority to the tasks in Project?

Community Manager

@M_Titcombe  @dzivojelic @eltnos  Thanks for engaging with us! Recurring tasks is in development, and Tasks for GCC High, private channel, and Planner\Project integration are on the backlog but we don’t have a specific release schedule for those at this time. If you want to stay current on the Planner roadmap and feature news, check out our Microsoft 365 roadmap and Planner Tech Community site.

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Great to see task assignments now provide notifications in GCC.  Thanks!


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@Shin-Yi Where are the usage analytics for Planner?  I am using the Microsoft Usage Analytics dashboard to identify the underutilization of the tools we purchased in order to market them internally.  Planner is not available on the Usage Analytics dashboard template. We have analyzed the template including the layers and met with a MS Engineer.  What table is the Planner usage data in?

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