Bonsai Failed To Save Inkling

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Currently working on a inkling project. Whenever I try to run the training for this brain I get the following error: image.png


Have tried running other brains and not getting this issue and because it doesnt save and begin running I am unable to check the container logs to find out what is going wrong. There does not appear to be any errors within the code so it isnt that either. It could possibly be that our inkling code contains a lot of code with else if statements due to needing to check terminal conditions within an array


I have tried shutting down my computer and trying again the next day and again it is getting the same error. Also tried copying the code into another brain and the same issue arises

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Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this problem. From your explanation, I don't have an immediate diagnosis. Let's see if we can narrow down the cause.

First, are you able to save simpler inkling documents in other brains? For example, if you create a temporary dummy brain project with a sample inkling document (e.g. cartpole), are you able to save that without an error?

Second, are you able to save a simpler inkling document in the same brain but a new version? Create a temporary dummy version and paste in a cartpole inkling sample. Does that exhibit the problem?

At this point, we should know whether it has to do with your account (e.g. permissions), the specific brain (e.g. a corrupt entry in the database that stores the brain information), or the specific inkling document. It's most likely the latter. If that's the case, then we can start to whittle down the inkling document to remove parts of it until it is able to be saved.

We recently added a "Report an issue" menu item in the menu at the top right of the Bonsai app. If you select this menu item, it will collect a bunch of local diagnostic information including client-side logs and (optionally) the inkling text. If you don't mind, could you use that feature and send me the resulting output? You can send me a private message if you'd prefer not to share it publicly. That should help us get to the bottom of the problem quickly.
Done both of the tests you suggested and seems to be working fine in those cases.

I decided to try re-adding the changes. We currently have 2 else if statements for an array that go from 0 up to 24. Our changes now need to make it go up to 35 so 11 more else ifs. Oddly I tried adding them one at a time and saving. It hit the error once I reached 27
OK, that's a good clue.

I tried to repro the problem with a simple example, but my configuration must be different from yours because I'm not seeing a problem. I was able to add >100 "else if" statements without a problem. Perhaps you could post your function here so I can include it verbatim in my own inkling document? I'm guessing that the problem is related to the code that you have each of the "else if" code blocks.