Critical Path in Project for the web
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When you’re working on a project, it’s important to understand how your different tasks affect when your project will end, so you can reach your important deadlines. To help with this, Project for the web now allows users with Plan 3 and Plan 5 licenses to view their project’s critical paths on the Timeline view.





What is my project’s critical path?

The critical path of your project is the series of tasks (or sometimes just one task) that defines the finish date of your project.

For example, if you have a project with:

Task Name



Task 1



Task 2



Task 3




Assuming your tasks have no dependencies, the critical path is just Task 3, as Task 3 ends the latest, and thus defines when the project overall will end.

If there was a dependency Task 2 --> Task 3, then the critical path would be Task 2 & Task 3, as the path between Task 2 & Task 3 defines when the project overall will end.


How can I use the critical path feature?

If you are a Project user with a Plan 3 or Plan 5 license, you can see the critical path by going to Timeline>Filters.




The toggle will be off by default.

Once the toggle is turned on, Project will highlight your critical path tasks in red.



Q: When I turn the critical path feature on, will the other users on my project be able to see it?

A: No. The critical path feature is viewer-specific, so, if User A & User B are both on a project & User A triggers the critical path feature, User B will see no changes on their timeline.


Q: Will the critical path feature still be on if I reload my project?

A: The critical path toggle will be reset every time you refresh your page or leave & return to Project for the web.

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Hi @Microsoft Project Team, hi @Heather Heide,

Could you update the Project Service Description to reflect the availability of the new feature and that it's only available for P3 and P5?

Microsoft Project service description - Service Descriptions | Microsoft Docs


Yes, we are in the process of updating the service description. 

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Excited to see the new features filling out Project for the Web! I'm on Project 3, but not seeing the Critical Path toggle, is this a US only roll out? Working from Canada.

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I'm also excited to see the Critical Path but I can't see the Critical Path toggle either. When can we expect to see it? Working from Europe.


Can you verify that you have a Project Plan 3 or 5 license and you are looking on the filter dropdown in the Timeline view?

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Hi Heather, 


Here are screen grabs of the filter and license pages:




Is this something that should be live world-wide?



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@Heather Heide Not sure if you were able to work some magic or if it just rolled out, but I am seeing the toggle now! @ingrid596 is it working for your? Looking forward to using PftW more and more.

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Hej, @Heather Heide and @AlexNak I can also see the toggle and the critical path now! Great!


My next question then is when the zoom function will be improved for projects, it would be really great to be able to zoom more so that you can get an overview of your entire project in one screen, since then you see the critical path so clearly.



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I updated the Dynamics 365 apps in my P4W environment and still no toggle.  What am I missing?  I have the correct licensing.



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Same problem here.  One P3 and one P5, but no toggle.

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Hi @Heather Heide,

Will this feature also become available for "Project for Project Operations" at some later point. Currently it doesn't display the toggle for users with this license.




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