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Hi there,


I am trying to create reminders for staff birthdays and work anniversary's two weeks before they are due. I have tried using the reminders feature however I understand this will only trigger for the year in question which is no good. I would need annual reminders for each employee on the list and these need to be sent to multiple people in the organisation.


Any ideas please?

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Hi @Sophielamp - you may want to start with a SharePoint calculated column to get the 2 week reminder date - less coding in the flow.


Then I'd do a scheduled flow that runs daily to see if that column = today, if true, send email. You may want to consider adding a variable so that the birthday only gets sent as day/month as the year may add some PII legal implications or just have everyone born in 1999 :)


Hope that helps!

Here You can use calculated column to defined date called DOB-14 Days and DOW-14 Days.

You can create new Scheduled flow which will run everyday . Inside it when todays matches with above calculated columns then it fire email that you want.

If you do not want calculated column then you can create two variables in flow to get values at runtime and compare it with today.

Hope its very clear !

Hello, @Sophielamp You can try AnnounceBot which is available in MS Teams. It's a trending and useful app to onboard new team members and wishes them on their birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. Get automated reminders of birthdays and send wishes with one click
Here is their website link if you wish to know more about he bot >> 

I hope this is helpful :)