Planner vs To-Do

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Microsoft just released To-Do, a task app that will eventually replace Wunderlist. When should we use Planner and when should we use To-Do? Thanks for the help.
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Simple answer right now, Planner = Group Tool, To-Do = Individual personal tool
Totally agree...Planner is for managing tasks of a Group of people and To-DO is for managing personal tasks

Have a look at the image in my blog post here: which shows where Wunderlist, Planner and Project Online fit in.

Obviously as To-Do gets more features that graphic will be updated to replace Wunderlist.

What isn't clear from the announcement is if you'll eventually be able to view Planner tasks in To-Do and Outlook. We'd love to use Planner for team tasks, but its impossible when the tasks just sit in their own little silo and you can't see them alongside all the other stuff you've got to do.


If the roadmap means its possible to view all your tasks in one place (regardless of it they are 'personal', 'work', 'team' etc) then To-Do will be brilliant.

That was a great blog post.

Hope MS brings some decent sharing ability to To-Do, then our company can quit using Todoist.
Yeah agree. But Planner is nowhere close to doing what we want (well it's pretty close but our trial users thought it missed a couple of key features) so if you can just convert an email to a To-Do, share that To-Do and have importable templates, I think To-Dos will do ☺
I really hope our company enables To-Do in O365. I really want to test it out. That or make planner mobile lol
Good news, planner was just released for mobile. Bad news: planner tasks are still in a silo and cannot be shared. Neither can To-Do tasks.

Bring us some cohesion in the Microsoft task management ecosystem!!!!!

Is there any integration betweel To Do and Planner?  I want to be able to see all my tasks in one place.  Planner has the "My Tasks" view but does that show my tasks from To Do?  I don't want to have to use two completely unrelated apps to manage tasks just because some tasks are related to the team I work on and some are personal tasks I need to get done.  Is there any way to link the two together?


I wish I could go into the My Tasks area in Planner and add a task so that it wasn't associated with a team/group...

Not at this point. Hopefully one day there will be, but it doesn't appear to be on the roadmap. To Do is just Outlook tasks anyway, so while a SharePoint task list can be integrated into Outlook tasks and therefore To Do, Planner is out on its own.

If I "assign" Tasks in outlook, do they become To Do tasks in O365 for the person I assign it to? or do they become a "Planner" task?

They become To Do this point there is no integration between Outlook Tasks and Planner Tasks
I Agree

Agreed. I think that most of the users that have already Wunderlist and Office365 only will move to To-do if we find that actually has a good integration, which is the feature making MS Office365 an outstanding set of tools. Workspaces where you can have Teams and Power BI... reading across... we busy insiders pushing towards the implementation of these tools across our company need the help of a really top-performance 'ultimate' to-do list! :) as simple as this one seems to be but with full connectivity to the rest of the suit. Thanks

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We recently held a few demos and breakout sessions at Ignite 2017. We are working with Planner on integration scenarios already and hope to release something for you soon :)

In the meantime, here's a link to our session at Ignite on this topic:

This looks fantastic and is the type of integration I've needed for years. The main flaw in the thinking appears to be that Planner tasks go into a single list in To-Do which is illogical as there needs to be a list for each plan. Without this I suspect you'll be overwhelmed with tasks in the My Planner list.

I think it would be more powerful with the option of choosing a list and integrating a #tag based on the plan.

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Would you mind sharing an example or two of what you envision? I want to make sure we understand your proposition :)


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For example the Plan is named after a project number #12345

In To-Do there are only a few lists "Work" & "Personal" link Planner to one and in the To-Do title input #12345.

Having less lists in Wunderlist has been easier to manage and if a task from planner were to be populated in Wunderlist having it added and in the title #"ProjectNo" would allow the quick filter for those project related tasks. I can also see the desire other may have for linking a plan directly to a specific To-Do list but in my years of using wunderlist I found it better to simplify with less lists.

Also, as mentioned To-Do (Wunderlist) is a powerful personal task list while planner is for groups/teams. If it worked that it was the tasks assigned to you through planner that were put into your To-Do would be great.