Planner plan - left private plan where I was the only member accidentally - how do i re-add myself?

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I accidentally left a plan which was private, and I was the only owner (i use it to keep track of my own tasks & projects). As there is no popup asking me whether i really want to leave, this is easy to do. I now have no access, nor can i view my tasks. As there is no other member, no one else can re-add me.

How do I go about getting access to this plan again?

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Your Microsoft 365 Admin can add you back to the Microsoft 365 Group that is tied to the Planner Plan

@Juan Carlos González Martín It was not part of a group - it was a private board/plan with only myself on it. my admins don't seem to be able to see that plan at all.

100 % sure the Group is there unless it has been deleted. FYI, when a Planner Plan is created, a Microsoft Group is created behind the scenes unless this Planner Plan has been added to an existing Group...if that's the case, I suggest your admins to try to locate the Planner Plan by using PowerShell and the Graph API